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Bangladesh government is working to become a developed country- pm

Published on: 10:37 am - Friday | June 10, 2016

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the present government in Bangladesh a middle-income country by 2021, and by the year 041, in order to become a developed country ‘Vision 2021’ and ‘Vision 2041’ is implemented.

A message on the occasion of World Accreditation Day, the Prime Minister said on Wednesday. This year the theme of the day “Accreditation: A global tool to support public policy.

The Prime Minister declared the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ implementation of the necessary steps have been taken already. The combination of all government policy and the development of the country, the government is working.

She said Bangladesh Accreditation Board to determine government policy, infrastructure development and national standards, and to speed up the expansion of the country’s export trade is more significant contribution.

The Prime Minister, for the future of the society in line with the government policy and its implementation is a major challenge for any country. It is an integrated enterprise and the country’s overall socio-economic development of immense importance.

The Prime Minister said the implementation of government policies is a prerequisite for maintaining the value of transparency and accountability at every level.

Accreditation of health care, information and environmental protection, public safety, food security and the development of national standards, national regulatory infrastructure helps. It is internationally recognized.

In many parts of the world, the World Accreditation Day is being observed that the Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction and development partner agencies and beneficiaries greeted Accreditation Board.

All the programs received on the occasion of World Accreditation Day 2016, the Prime Minister wished all success.

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