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Holy Lailatul Qadr tonight

Published on: 1:38 pm - Thursday | June 22, 2017

Muslims across Bangladesh will observe the holy Lailatul Qadr on Thursday night with due religious fervor and solemnity. Holy Shab-e-Qadr or Lailatul Qadr is the one of the most awaited night during the month of Ramadan. That is why this night is observed by all the Muslims across the country. This is the night when the first verses of the holy Quran were revealed to Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
The night is not comparable to the others in view of Muslims] and according to a tradition, the blessings due to the worships during this night can’t be equaled even by worshiping throughout the entire life. The reward of worships done in this one single night is more than the reward of around 83 years (1000 months) of worship. According to the holy Quran it is better than 1,000 nights as the angels and the spirit descend therein, by the permission of Almighty Allah with all decrees. This is one of the holiest and most blessed nights which is likely to occur on one of the odd nights in the last 10 days of Ramadan and most likely to be the 27th of the holy month.
Night-long special prayers, milad mahfils and religious discussions are being held at various mosques and other places in the country, including the capital. A large number of devotees are spending the whole night with prayers at Baitul Mukarram National Mosque in the city. 
Devotees have also thronged other mosques in the country to offer prayers and special munajat seeking blessings of Almighty Allah for peace, progress and prosperity of the nation and the Muslum Ummah. They are praying for peace of the departed souls of their near and dear ones.
The Islamic Foundation will organize a waz mahfil (sermon session) and milad mahfil at Baitul Mukarram on the occasion.
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