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35 pvt varsities still without VC

Published on: 9:53 am - Sunday | July 9, 2017

UGC may stop admission of students if steps not taken to fill vacant posts.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has said that it would stop admission of students to private universities that are not taking the initiative to appoint vice-chancellor (VC), pro-VC and treasurer.

As per the recent UGC list, 35 private universities out of 94 do not have VC, while 69 do not have pro-VC and 46 running without treasurer.

The UGC list also shows that at least 20 private universities have been running without VC, pro-VC and treasurer for a long time. These universities are among the 35 universities which have no VC.

The authorities of private universities seem to be indifferent to this matter by not following instructions of the UGC, the regulatory body of universities.

UGC sources said the posts of VC, pro-VC and treasurer of a private university are vital as the transparency and accountability of the university is not ensured when these remain vacant for long.

They said they would recommend to the government stern action, including stopping of student admission, if the universities do not take steps to fill up the posts.

As per the Private University Act 2010, the post of the VC is vital, as a university’s functions, such as syndicate meetings and financial matters, totally depend on the VC’s consent.

When the syndicate and financial meetings are held without the VC, questions arise on the transparency of academic and administrative activities.

The UGC, the apex regulatory body of the universities, said it has been urging the authorities of private universities over the past seven months to send a panel proposal to have VCs appointed by the President.

But most of the universities have not responded positively, it added.

According to its estimate, until June 15, at least 36 universities did not have a VC. Some of these universities have sent the panel proposal with the names of three candidates for the VC’s post to the UGC.

Some of these proposals comply with the Private University Act, 2010, while many do not, UGC sources said.

 The 20 universities that do not have guardians—VC, pro-VC and treasurer—for a long time are the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, International Islami University Chittagong, Gono Bishwabidyalay, People’s University of Bangladesh, Asian University of Bangladesh, Manarat International University, Sylhet International University, Pundra University of Science and Technology, World University of Bangladesh, Royal University of Dhaka, Hamdard University Bangladesh, ZH Sikdar University of Science and Technology, Ranada Prasad Saha University, German University Bangladesh, CCN University of Science and Technology, Army University of Science and Technology in Saidpur, Army University of Engineering and Technology in Kadirabad, Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology in Comilla, Canadian University of Bangladesh, NPI University of Bangladesh, University of Creative Technology in Chittagong and the University of Global Village in Barisal.

 The treasurer of the Central Women’s University, Prof. Md Mofakkharul Islam, said they have sent the panel proposal to the UGC, but it is still being processed. The procedure takes a long time. “The absence of VC in a university causes problems in carrying out academic and administrative work,” he added.

 The registrar of the Asian University of Bangladesh, Dr Md Shah Alam, said they have sent the panel proposal for the VC’s post and not for the treasurer. “The academic and administrative activities are being hampered in the absence of VC, pro-VC and treasurer. I think appointment to these posts should not take much time. It should be done as soon as possible,” he added.

 Gono Bishwabidyalay sources said they have sent panel proposals to the government and it is being processed.

 UGC sources said they wrote to all private universities in September last, asking them to send panel proposals for the post of VC, pro-VC, and treasurer by the end of that month. But many universities did not do so.

It is once again urging the universities to send panel proposals, they added.

 “We are urging the universities to send panel proposals for appointing VC, pro-VC and treasure. Many have sent it, but there are others who have not. We want to request them to do it as soon as possible or we will recommend stern action including stopping of admission,” UGC chairman Prof. Abdul Mannan told The Independent on Thursday.

“Recently, we had a meeting with the education ministry. A four-member committee has been formed in this regard. We will decide on the next course of action after that. A university cannot run without a VC, pro-VC and treasure, as these people are necessary for ensuring the transparency and accountability of the institution,” he said.

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