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Mushfiq in tears after Bulls’ owner comments

Published on: 11:56 am - Sunday | July 16, 2017

Test skipper Mushfiqur Rahim was in tears as he felt deeply embarrassed after his former Bangladesh Premier League franchise Barisal Bulls’ top official slammed him publicly.
Abdul Auwal Chowdhury Bhulu, one of the owners of Barisal Bulls, at a private television channel programme blamed Mushfiq over his role as the captain of the team in the last edition of BPL and said they have to interest to sign him for the next edition’s tournament.
Bhulu, who is also a director of Bangladesh Cricket Board, on Friday also said in that programme that Mushfiq’s undisciplined and irresponsible attitude suffered his side a lot in the last tournament.
Mushfiq, arguably one of the finest batsmen in country’s history, who also does the wicketkeeping for Tigers, said he was ready to take criticism about his performance but it was unacceptable when anyone raises a finger for his lack of responsibility.
‘I have a long 17-year playing career and I am playing for the national team for the last 12 years but I was never accused for my behaviour and responsibility,’ said an emotional Mushfiq to reporters at the Bangladesh Cricket Board office on Saturday.
‘Anyone can raise a question about my performance. Somebody can tell me I’m not a good player but it really hurts me as a player when somebody accuses that I am undisciplined, irresponsible as a cricketer and I fail to motivate my team,’ added Mushfiq.
Mushfiq informed the whole matter to the member secretary of BPL governing council, Ismail Haider Mallick to take necessary steps.
‘I informed the matter to Mallick Bhai who told me to look after the issue,’ said Bangladesh captain, who also added that he did it to protect the players because any other player may face such attack in future from anybody.
‘I just informed it to the governing body for the sake of other players because today it happened with me but in future it can happen with any other players.
‘Every cricketer, who serve the nation can expect little honour …,’ said Mushfiq, who failed to complete his sentence and burst into tears before leaving the room.
BPL governing council also expressed their discontent about the comment made against their national team captain.
‘We are fully aware over the matter,’ Mallick told reporters at a press briefing.
‘We learned that the franchisee, where Mushfiq played last year, made some objectionable statements in an interview. I watched the video footage along with BCB chief executive officer [Nizamuddin Chowdhury].
‘After watching the full interview, it seemed unusual and I informed the matter to the governing body chairman [Afzalur Rahman Sinha].
‘What he [Bhulu] said in the interview was not acceptable from any aspect. We don’t give any rights to any franchise to punish any players or saying any abusive words.
‘If they have any observation they can complain it to the governing body, which is the right authority to take any step.’
‘Mushfiq is not only the captain but also he is an important player of the national team. Nobody has the right to criticise any national players in that manner,’ said Mallick.
Mallick also admitted that BCB convinced Mushfiq to play for Barisal Bulls last year despite the wicket-keeper batsman disagreed to play for the franchisee.
‘Mushfiq expressed his unwillingness to play for Barisal Bulls last year,’ Mallick said.
‘Considering huge interest from the franchise we convinced him to sign for Barisal. It is not acceptable what the franchise official has said.
Mallick also claimed that despite being a BCB official they will take action against Bhulu for his inappropriate comment.
‘We have already asked him [Bhulu] to talk with the council and we would issue a show-cause notice to him,’ he said.
‘If he fails to convince us with a proper answer, we must take exemplary measurers against him. As a board director, he has no right to talk in that manner.’
Bhulu was not available in phone for his comments.

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