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Furnishing with flair

Published on: 3:58 pm - Monday | July 17, 2017

Furnishing with comfort and flair is simple; use of furniture that has good lines and bold shapes; add unique pieces and heirlooms for wit and soul. Furnishing is also considering the room’s beautiful elements and deciding how you would like the space to flow. Furnishing a bedroom or a living room is like filling a wardrobe with things you might wear every day.

The soul of any room lies in the details, and every detail is clothed in a specific material. Smooth or rough, hard or soft, polished or distressed, texture makes a room visually unique and invites you to linger.

Most people design their living rooms with a combination of a sofa and comfy armchairs, but that’s just one option. In this week we are showing a living space and an open space for dining and family living. Actually we completed this home ten years ago, the landlady slowly furnished the whole space, but every time she discussed it with me. We have purchased many things together. For home décor one rule is very important, at a time home ornamentation is a wrong idea. Adding accessories is a technique; your favourite goods can be collectable items. So don’t rush— slowly add accessories to your home.

The living room is spacious; we arranged two sets of sofa. One set is fabric covered and other one is classical. Two classical chairs are also placed at one corner. Centre table is placed in the middle and two side tables are placed by the side of the sofas. The whole room’s colour palette is a cool off-white. One small carpet placed under the table. We arranged a slick straight false ceiling for indirect lighting and spot lights illusion. Small accessories are placed here and there. One single wooden sofa is placed beside side table, and this piece creates striking charm. Accessories make her place more eye-catching. Dry flowers and some small décor pieces have create lovely ambience.

Along with living room a long open space for dining and family living area. Long-time landlady used her old dining table; just few months ago she bought a new table. The runner and three candles make the table decor. But her dinner wagon is still an old one and custom made serving dish cabinet was also made at the beginning of the interior work. Old is gold, so don’t think to change all furniture at the same time. For home décor your arrangement style can make the place gorgeous. The lady arranged her crockery very nicely. We arranged an open space and tray shelf in the dinner wagon.

Here another small eye-catching corner is created with two wicker chairs placed as a reading nook. Later she added floor cushions and some small knick knacks. Some small pottery are arranged very neatly on the wall and top of the side table.

In another corner is a TV viewing place or a small family room. After a long time, I have designed a wall panelling TV wall for her. We made a wooden panelling with Gorjon wood and Burma teak board and hanged the TV. I also suggested a slick cabinet for other gadgets.

After completing the TV cabinet, we arranged another smart small sofa set from our local furniture industry. Now some of our local furniture houses are making very nice small seating pieces. You can easily pick any smart item for your place. A slick tall bookshelf is also placed in the corner.

But the most important part is attractive foyer. Here the foyer is not very small neither very spacious. In the beginning we made a different shelf. This shelf is multifunctional. Some drawers are used for shoes; some open shelves are for books and vases. The top of the shelves are glass. The lady collected many small decorated pieces from many countries and placed them here. A foyer is not complete without sitting arrangement, here one single console table and two classical chairs arranged for sitting.

The whole space colour palette is beige and brown. The earthy tones always make places look softer and relaxing. At the end of day, your home is your resting place, so cool lighting and nicely decorated open spaces are always welcoming.

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