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Infinite Sports — an experience of a lifetime

Published on: 4:05 pm - Monday | July 17, 2017

Did you ever dream of watching an El Classico in the UEFA Champions League live in the stadium?

Just imagine the thrilling experience of watching legends such as Messi and Ronaldo tactically passing the ball to their teammates and gracefully taking a shot at the goal post right in front of your eyes.

Or what about front row seats to an IPL cricket match of your favourite team after which you get to have lunch with your favourite player? Now, while all of you will nod frantically at these suggestions, you will also dismiss such possibilities as stupid unattainable fantasies above your league, both in terms of money and opportunities. But what if there was a way to make it come true?

And this is where Infinite Sports comes in. Affiliated with Fanatics, which is a Dubai-based company specialising in sports-based tourism, Infinite Sports is the first of its kind in Bangladesh, providing sports fanatics a gateway to experience their favourite game, and support their favourite teams like never before.

As a sports tourism agency, Infinite Sports helps you plan the entire trip according to your preferences so that you can experience the best of everything suited to your budget.

First, you will have to make an appointment with Infinite Sports to explain your expectations from the trip. The agency will then cross check the events available and suggest a couple of options for you to choose from, based on your set requirements. It will then help you make a detailed plan for your travels, taking care of all necessary arrangements.

“We make it a point to dedicate plenty of time for activities related to the individual’s main interest. If you are a Manchester United fan and your top priority is to watch Manchester United play, we will make sure you get to see Old Trafford, and perhaps even meet one of the players as well,” explained Nayeem Yakub, CEO of Infinite Sports.

Starting from VISA applications and processing, they will help you out with air tickets booking, hotel reservations, airport pickup and drop, as well as tickets to all your favourite activities —Wimbledon to Formula 1– you name it!

In fact, if you want to keep a few days to just explore on your own, that too can be arranged.

However, it hardly stops at sports. Infinite Sports also caters to a variety of other events such as concerts, art shows and film festivals. So, you can also fulfill your dream of watching artists such as Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Guns N’ Roses live within the same travel plan. If you just want them to arrange the concert tickets instead of opting for packages that include housing and air fare, that too is possible.

With tourism industry on the rise, and places like Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore becoming major tourist hubs for Bangladeshis, Infinite Sports indeed provides individuals with a unique experience. Prices will vary according to the package. For tickets to matches and concerts, it is best if one contacts them at least a month in advance as tickets are always subject to availability.

This looks like a great opportunity to make a grab for your dreams!

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