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5 places for fries and poutines

Published on: 4:25 pm - Monday | July 17, 2017

Whether in chips or kachchis, or for your Friday bhorta fiesta, potatoes are a must. And when we talk about potatoes, how can we not talk about what a blessing fries and poutines are? With the rise of food courts and stores it can be difficult for you to find the very best in those, to actually indulge in at times the cravings strike. Don’t you worry, because we have shortlisted five places where you can enjoy amazing fries and poutines that are worth the money!


Not only popular for their burgers and steak when it comes to poutines Madchef has the best ones yet, especially considering the popular vote. The Bolognese poutine and roasted chicken poutines are for Tk 250, which is worth the gamble, even if you have yet to taste it.


Mesquite Grill is an absolute 9/10 to most of the customers for poutines and fries because of the generosity shown in terms of serving size, especially so in the masses of cheese they have to offer in their poutines and dishes that include fries.


Situated in Mohakhali and beside the BRACU BIGD building, Ariston is a must for any fries lover. The business started out as just another small food cart but managed to get a little place of their own and are dearly loved by the students of the BRAC University. Their cheesy baked French fries are the best you can get around Mohakhali at only Tk130.


Takeout is best known for their burgers, but their fries are worth sitting over a chat at their cafes too! The ‘add on’ section of fries with Tk100 is worth the expense too.


Around 8/1 Ring Road there is a small café, which serves one of the best potato wedges you could ask for. They are very generous with their amount of fries which will make you want to go around that corner over and over again. Their potato masala wedges are only Tk 50. Now who wouldn’t want to take up that offer?

Potatoes are your best friends when it comes to eating for pleasure. If you are a potato fan and do not mind the extra pounds you could gain, try these places at least once for the sake of your love for the humble potato.

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