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Tips to treat your dry skin right

Published on: 4:50 pm - Monday | July 17, 2017

Even if we love chilly winters or warm summer days, we don’t love what these two seasons do to our skin. Our skin gets dry due to cold weather or lack of humidity which causes the moisture from our skin to disappear. The most common symptoms of dry skin are that the skin is itchy, irritated and turn reddish. The itching causes flakes and scaly patches which make the skin hide its natural glow. And so to avoid feeling uncomfortable by walking around with itchy and flaky skin, the best solution is to moisturise with a good body cream or petroleum jelly such as Vaseline.

How does moisturising help our skin?

Healthy and hydrated skin is able to repair and protect from dryness and irritability. Everyday factors like the dry weather or long hot showers can cause our skin to dry because harsh body cleansers weaken the skin’s barrier and allow more moisture to escape. Without proper moisturising, our skin becomes dryer and our skin cells tighten and get damaged. When the moisture is lost, the skin is itchy and visible flakes appear. This is when we should moisturise since moisturisers hydrate and soften the skin. Vaseline

helps repair the damaged cells in our skin and locks the moisture in. After the process of moisturising is complete, healthy new cells begin to form and the natural exfoliation of skin begins.

Many believe that face care is very important and often tends to avoid the dryness appearing in the rest of the body. To acquire excellent skin, it is important to concentrate on every dry part of our body. A few areas that dry easily are the elbows, hands, knees and feet. These are the places that require a lot of moisture.

Elbows- They are the most used and exposed parts of our skin since we use them to lean on tables and also bend for various reasons. Due to all this movement done by them, they turn thick and dry if not properly moisturised. They sometimes discolour and become scaly. To get smooth elbows, cleanse through the area with mild soap and water and then apply any moisturiser of your choice.

Hands- Our hands are always exposed since without them our daily activities will remain undone. Apparently, the skin of our hands is much thinner than the skin of our face. During dry season, palms begin to dry, white lines are visible in the flap between our fingers and skin feels tight. Excessive hand washing with strong hand-wash soaps and hot water steals the moisture away. This deprives the skin of producing its natural moisture since the protective layer is damaged.

Knees – The skin of knees is similar to elbows since knees are used for a lot of bending. Our knees can also discolour and turn into thick, scaly layer if it is left without proper moisturising. To maintain healthy knees, the first step is to clean it and then moisturise.

Our feet are usually very dry since they have no oil glands so the natural moisture comes from our sweat glands. Even when this skin is dry, it can be more harmed by getting exposed to hot showers and dry weather. Extreme dry feet can lead to painful cracks around the heels of the feet. A good way to prevent this is to scrape of the dry skin with pedicure instruments and moisturising.

The skin is the most important part of our outer looks since flaky white skin does not look attractive. Proper care of the skin gives soft, hydrated and more elastic skin. Moisturising helps create smooth skin which makes us look younger and fresh. The best time to apply moisturisers is after long showers and shaving since the skin is already damp. This sort of moisture helps pull in the creams easily. Everyone should cleanse and moisturise their skin to get healthy, smooth and hydrated skin.

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