Thursday, 24 May, 2018

Myanmar has to solve Rohingya crisis: Dhaka

Published on: 7:46 pm - Sunday | September 10, 2017

Bangladesh today made it clear to the international community that Myanmar government should take responsibility of and solve its Rohingya problem.

“We will of course help. But Myanmar has to solve its problem,” Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali said in a briefing after a diplomatic meeting in Dhaka.

According to him, the international community extended full support to Bangladesh’s efforts to handle the Rohingya refugees and lauded it wholeheartedly.

Minister Mahmood Ali briefed that Bangladesh was already hosting 400,000 Rohingyas previously. Since August, over 300,000 Rohingyas made fresh entry in Bangladesh.

Today’s meeting, chaired by the minister and attended by diplomats of western countries and aid agencies, was held between 4:00pm and 6:00pm at State Guest House Padma.

Diplomats of the United States, United Kingdom, United Nations, European Union, Denmark, Germany and Turkey were among those who were invited in the briefing.

The government is scheduled to hold another briefing with the diplomats of South Asia and Southeast Asian countries in Dhaka tomorrow.

After the meeting, Joel Reifman, deputy chief of US embassy in Dhaka, said that it believes a full implementation of Annan Commission report on Rohingyas would end the current impasse.

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