Tuesday, 22 May, 2018

To juice it or not?

Published on: 11:05 am - Tuesday | September 12, 2017


1. Cold press juicers, unlike your regular juicers, extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. They are said to be healthier than homemade juices because of the lack of heating or oxidation in the manufacturing process. That helps in keeping the nutrient content higher.
2. Cold press juices are definitely better than the tetra pack varieties since they have more enzymes and vitamins even post processing.
3. They are extracts of fruits and include no artificial flavours, additives or sugar. So, less calories.
4. Not everyone likes their leafy greens and cold pressed juice helps you consume a varied amount that you generally wouldn’t eat. Exotic foods like kale, wheatgrass, chia seeds or spirulina can be easily consumed in a bottle of cold pressed juice.
5. Be it gut health or simply to detoxify and clean the system, to reduce water retention or to get the daily intake of fruits, cold pressed juices can help.
6. It’s like nature’s espresso shot. Cold pressed juice is absorbed very rapidly by the body and its patrons regularly talk about feeling an almost instantaneous energy kick within a few minutes of drinking it.

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