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4G guideline gets PM nod

Published on: 10:19 am - Wednesday | September 13, 2017


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, also the post and telecommunication minister on Monday approved the 4G guideline. The Prime Minister’s Office forwarded the approved guideline to the Posts and Telecommuni-cations Division on the same day.

Posts and Tele-communications Division yesterday informed Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) about it. An official of BTRC told The Independent that the commission will now take preparation for holding auction.

Earlier on August, State Minister for Posts and Telecommuni-cations Division Tarana Halim told The Independent that her ministry had approved the 4G guideline and sent it to the finance ministry for vetting.

The finance ministry had sent the guideline to the Prime Minister Office for approval and finally on Monday, the prime minister approved the guideline.

Eariler, Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy in a meeting with the Posts and Telecommunications Division on July 18 directed the division to introduce fourth generation (4G) services in the country as soon as possible.

Following the instructions of Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy, Bangladesh Telecommunica-tion Regulatory Commission (BTRC) was planning to hold auction for 4G licence to ensure faster data services for mobile phone subscribers.

According to the guideline, the licence acquisition fee has been slashed to Tk 10 crore from Tk 15 crore and the annual fee to Tk 5 crore from Tk 7.5 crore.

In July 4, the Post and Telecommunica-tions Division published the 4G draft guideline in its website. In July 10, the Posts and Telecommunication Division also published the draft guideline for the spectrum auction.

In the 4G draft guideline, it is mentioned that the operators should bring foreign investment. They will not be able to access any investment from the local bank. The speed of 4G is fixed at 100 MPS. The operators have to bear the expense of keeping all data until BTRC permits to delete them. They will also have to ensure quality of service.

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