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10 anti-tank rockets found at Satchhari

Published on: 5:10 pm - Saturday | February 3, 2018


The Rapid Action Battalion, or RAB, has recovered ten anti-tank rockets from Satchhari National Park in Habiganj’s Chunarughat Upazila.
The raid continued from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon, said RAB Legal and Media Wing Chief Mufti Mahmud Khan.
Ten Chinese-made rockets were recovered from a bunker, he said. “The 40mm high explosive rockets can strike and destroy tanks and cars from 1,500-metre distance.”
The official could not say whether any terrorist or militant group had planned to use the rockets.
Separatist groups in the border region may have been stocking them, Khan said.
RAB had previously seized mortar shells, rocket launchers, machine guns and other explosives from the park, which borders the Indian state of Tripura.
A bunker was also discovered in the hills in the area. RAB officials said the weapons may have belonged to an Indian separatist group.
RAB conducted five raids in the area in 2014. The bunker, which contained 14 crates of explosives, was found beneath a stable for goats during one of the raids.
Three cases have been filed over the weapons seizures, but final reports have yet to be submitted due to the lack of identifiable suspects.
RAB raided the area again in 2016, but found nothing.
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