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Breast feeding necessary to continue child growth

Published on: 10:58 am - Sunday | March 4, 2018


Expert said in a training program on life skill, growth and development of children that, breast feeding is the best food for child growth.  World Concern Bangladesh arranged the training on Friday in Bhairab upazila of Kishor-eganj district. The training was organized by World Concern Bangladesh under Breaking Barriers for Children (BBC) supported by INTERACT.

Program officer said, ‘We call the infant child whose age is 28days. This time infant is very sensitive and breast is the best feed for the infant. When baby born after few days should give colostrums for the baby because this milk contain disease preventing power for infants.

There are many diseases of infant. Breast feeding helps children to be free from these diseases. It contains necessary nutrition, powerful elements for the infant. Colostrums is light yellow color and thick. This is very useful for the infant. We should feed colostrums for baby after born.

It increases disease prevention power. Colostrums help to protect from many disease and also needed to physical and mental development.

When a baby is born, after 30 minutes of birth baby must be given colostrums.  When a baby is born, within 14 days baby shouldn’t be given anything without colostrums. Breastfeeding can meet all the demands of a child till six months after birth.

This time no need of extra food. If you give extra food child will take little milk for this milk will not create inside mother. If the baby take breast feed regularly he will not be affected by diarrhea and cold diseases.  Baby takes all nutrition form mother so mother should be given proper nutritious food.

After six month must give extra food at side of breast feed. Because this time baby is being development physical and mental for this need extra nutrition. We need nutrition for physical and mental development.

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