Monday, 22 April, 2019

Nusraat Faria to reveal herself as a singer

Published on: 11:00 am - Sunday | March 4, 2018

TV presenter and model turned film star Nusraat Faria Mazhar is one of the most popular actors in both Bengals. Before entering the TV or film industry she was also a classical dancer. This April, “singer” Faria will be presenting her first track titled “Potaka” with her fans. She recorded the song during last December.

She recently told the press that she is usually secretive about her ventures but as the track will be released in April she decided to bring this to light.She also said that she went to the recording studio after six months of practice.

She also explained how she never had any institutional knowledge on singing but liked to sing a lot and used to sing by herself.

The music video of her track, starring herself, will be released on her own Youtube channel. Famous Indian director and choreographer Baba Yadav will direct and choreograph the video.

She will be seen alongside with another popular male co-star whose name is kept secret until the music video is released. She also said the track is for all the females of the world.

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