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Onion, vegetable prices stable in capital

Published on: 12:42 pm - Saturday | March 31, 2018


Onion prices have fallen in the capital’s kitchen market as the supply chain is being restored. Along with onions, the prices of chillies and various types of vegetables, too, are now reasonable for buyers.

In the wholesale market of Karwan Bazar, every five kg of imported onions were being sold for Tk. 120 and local onions for Tk. 135–140 per five kg.

In the retail market, onions were being sold for Tk. 27–28 per kg and imported, mostly Indian, onions for Tk. 25 a kg.

The price of green chillies is now Tk. 20–25 per kg. It was Tk. 60 a couple of weeks ago. Traders said every five kg of chillies were being sold for Tk. 80–90. The supply of chillies has increased in the market, resulting in a fall in its price.

Traders said the supply of onions has increased. Along with the new local onions, supplies of imported onions have increased as well. Local onions from Meherpur have played a stellar role in reducing the prices of the vegetable.

Traders said the first time local (Meherpur) onion sold at Tk. 50–60. Gradually, however, the prices declined, and are now selling at Tk. 20 to Tk. 25 per kg. This has impacted other varieties of onions. As a result, the prices of imported onions have come down from Tk. 90 to Tk. 25 per kg.

Owing to adequate supplies, as in the last few weeks, eggplants, beans, carrots, cauliflowers, cabbages, turnips, red spinach and other vegetables are being sold at the previous week’s prices.

The prices of eggs, chicken and mutton, however, have increased this week. Prices of ginger also rose by Tk. 10 per kg as the staple spice was sold at Tk. 100–120 a kg.

According to traders, the prices of chicken and eggs will increase further in the next few weeks.

Prices of hilsa and most other varieties of fish also increased compared to last week. A medium-sized hilsa was sold at Tk. 500–800. The big-sized hilsa was almost absent from the markets. The prices of most of the sweet water fishes have also increased by Tk. 50–60 per kg. Broiler chicken is being sold at Tk. 140 to Tk. 145.

In the capital’s kitchen markets, cucumbers are being sold at Tk. 20 a piece. Carrots are being sold at Tk. 20 each. The price of a small-sized pumpkin is Tk. 25–30. Cauliflowers are selling at Tk. 20–25 per piece. Cabbages are available for Tk. 20–25. Beans are being sold for Tk. 30–40 per kg, as in the previous week. Tomatoes cost Tk. 20–30 a kg.

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