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Bangabandhu-1 launching now on May 10

Published on: 7:37 pm - Monday | May 7, 2018

The fresh launching date of Bangladesh’s first satellite Bangabandhu-1 has been fixed on May 10, said Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Chairman Dr. Shahjahan Mahmood on Monday.
The satellite will be launched at 4 pm (US time) on the day, he said.
A 30-member delegation from country led by State Minister for Information Tarana Halim will leave country for Florida on Monday to attend the launching programme, he said.
Though the test results of Bangladesh’s first satellite was expected to be in hand by Saturday evening, the SpaceX authorities are yet to provide its results.
The launching of Bangabandhu-1 was deferred on Tuesday for technical reasons and unfavourable weather.
With the latest one, the launching schedule of the country’s lone satellite has been deferred eight times.
The Bangabandhu Satellite with a capacity of 1,600 megahertz will have 40 transponders and the physical equipment of the space capsule that measures the capacity.
On October 21, 2015, the Cabinet Purchase Committee approved the project to buy the satellite system.
Later, BTRC signed a deal involving Tk 2,000 crore with Thales Alenia Space to construct the first-ever satellite project.
Bangladesh will be the 57th country when Bangabandhu-1 to be launched into the orbital slot on 119.1 degree east longitude which (slot) was bought from Russian satellite company ‘Intersputnik’ for US$ 28 million in January 2015.
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