Friday, 05 June, 2020

Sheena in Hollywood music video

Published on: 6:30 pm - Tuesday | June 12, 2018

Indian model-actress Sheena Chohan, well-known in Bangladesh for her BPL anchoring stint, has been featured in a music video in Hollywood.
The music video of US singer-actress Soi Fabulous’ song ‘Fallen Angel’ was shot in Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard and directed by Gino Montesinos, the Los Angeles-based actor.
The song over a woman’s murderer was originally made for a movie, which however was not produced later. Singer Soi Fabulous then decided on a music video. Sheena said the music video is an awareness campaign against drugs abuse in the US and the whole world.
“Our future, the children are being seriously affected and that’s the message we are trying to send out through this video,” she said. The video was recently released on Soi Faboulous’ YouTube channel.
Sheena has been also featured in a recent Hollywood web series styled ‘Words’. The Indian model and actress shot to fame in Bangladesh after anchoring the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). She played one of the lead roles in the 2013 Bangla movie ‘Piprabidya’.