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Jacqueline Fernandez nails the ultimate leg split like a boss

Published on: 9:15 pm - Tuesday | June 12, 2018

The fact that Race 3 actress Jacqueline Fernandez is a fitness enthusiast is no secret. The Bollywood beauty is dedicated to it, despite her numerous work assignments.

Her Instagram account is proof that she is always up for a challenge, and constantly pushes herself to not just surprise herself but all her fans too.

With Race 3 promotions going full swing, Jacqueline has been making stunning appearances with her co-stars and setting off style trends for the season, reports NDTV.

But we are going to save that for another article and talk about her latest fitness accomplishment that only a few would dare to attempt.

With the help of her trainer Kuldeep Shashi, Jacqueline attempted the standing leg split and nailed it like a boss. We have all seen her attempt many such challenging poses, and this too is setting major fitness goals at the start of the week.

It’s rightly said that if you set your mind to it, you can do anything. Even Jacqueline was surprised with herself, as she wrote on her Instagram post, ‘Seriously had no idea I could split like that!’ Of course she gave the due credit to her fitness gurus.

‘Here’s to great teachers, gurus, mentors who bring out the best in you and push you that extra bit harder only cuz they believe in you!’

Earlier in April, Jacqueline was up for another challenge, and was seen doing the backward bend and roll with some initial glitches, but passing with flying colours.

Her post read, ‘It’s not about the physique, fitness for me has always been about the challenge and finally the feeling of accomplishment.. that’s where the addiction lies.’

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