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Guide to help you pick, pair jewellery with outfits

Published on: 7:41 pm - Sunday | July 29, 2018

While it’s easy to pick out the perfect outfit for an occasion, choosing the perfect jewellery can be a difficult task for most. However, you don’t need to worry, here’s a simple guide that will help you pick the right jewellery for every occasion.


Experts have a few suggestions:


* Everyday or casual wear: Keep it light and simple with minimal patterns and neat designs. For instance, if it is a brunch with friends you could try an almond-shaped emerald pendant enhanced with diamonds, with dainty matching earrings. Or how about a dainty diamond floral-inspired set of bracelet, pendant and earrings? For a smart outfit (ethnic or western) that needs a single piece – the diamond wrist-piece in delicate gold is a winner.


* Office and business meetings: Elegant, low-key jewellery like tiny studs, elegant floral or geometric pieces that complement your outfit are the right office accessories.


Pinwheel-inspired white and diamond floral earrings are an expression of your good taste. A delicate necklace is a sophisticated style statement that adds to your professional aura.


* For a trendy party or fashion event: You can let out your creative side and match your designer outfits with ornate statement pieces like the floral sun-burst pendant necklace in scintillating diamonds or the statement ring with intricate diamond detailing around a precious green emerald. A flame-inspired diamond and emerald ring is charming.


* Wedding jewellery: For weddings or religious ceremonies, ruby-diamond necklace with an ornate temple-inspired pendant is perfect. Bangles in gold, ornately patterned and studded with precious stones beckon.


* Romantic dinner date: When getting ready for a romantic dinner or date, it’s a good idea to wear jewellery that doesn’t overpower the entire look and still makes a great impression. Mix it up with cute designs, filigree work or gemstones that bring out the colour in your eyes.

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