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Traveller creates incredible fashion from plastic waste

Published on: 7:43 pm - Sunday | July 29, 2018

Global traveller and eco-adventurer Alison Teal has come up with a breathtaking and bold way to raise awareness for the amount of plastic that is currently filling the world’s oceans.

In a beautiful yet powerful statement, Alison travelled to Indonesia, where she created outfits using the exact waste that is currently floating in the oceans, before then swimming with the creatures single-use plastic is harming, reports the Story Trender.

In the stunning images and videos, Alison can be seen sifting her way through the plastic waste before swimming alongside the likes of giant manta rays.

Some of the items used by the adventurer to create her fashionable outfits included: plastic bubble wrap, black plastic bags, water bottles and a white bag top tied fishing net that entangle turtles.

The idea for the project, which concluded a couple of weeks ago, was devised by Alison and a conservation group, Orca365.

Alison said: ‘Growing up and working in places like Bali, the Maldives, Mexico, and Hawaii, I’ve watched plastic pollution plague these pristine places.

‘While positive efforts are being made by organizations and local villagers, I am scared that our planet is close to being completely suffocated by plastic.’

It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish.

In order to source items for her outfits, Alison had to look through what she described as an ‘apocalyptic wasteland’ of discarded plastic, where likes of fumes from burning plastic hurt her lungs, she said.

According to Alison, there was ‘no hair, makeup, or fashion prep, lighting or planned fashion shooting.’

While swimming through such waters, Alison said, she would often come up with plastic bags literally coating her face.

Alison hopes that by releasing the images and footage from her recent trip to Indonesia, others will be encouraged to use less single-use plastic.

July has also been chosen as ‘Plastic Free July,’ a campaign that asks individuals to follow Alison’s lead and refuse single-use plastic for 31 days.

In her own efforts, Alison has used a Mobot water bottle, which, she said, has allowed her to cut down on using around 200 plastic water bottles a year.

To tackle the need for other single-use items, the adventurer carries a Zoetica bag, where she stores the likes of reusable cups, straws and utensils.

Earlier in the year the BBC documentary ‘Blue Planet II’ helped raise awareness of the issue of plastic pollution in oceans, encouraging many stores and restaurant to cut down on their use of single-use plastics.

A few years ago, Alison’s own documentary on trash in the world’s oceans went viral, as the Hawaii native surfed through discarded plastic that had been washed up in and around the Maldives.

Alison said: ‘As plastic bags literally coated my face while swimming with the marine life.

‘I gathered the bags and kept wrapping them around my waist.

‘Everything I’m wearing is an item of trash I pulled out of the ocean, hopefully saving the life of a marine animal.

‘Plastic bags were removed from the water from right in front of a manta ray.

‘It was sad and shocking to see the sea surround the majestic manta rays full of plastic, and I was determined to do my part to clean up the sea with my bare hands and feel the weight and suffocation of pulling that much plastic around on my body.’

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