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Shakib urges students to return homes

Published on: 5:53 pm - Saturday | August 4, 2018

Bangladesh cricket Test and T20I captain Shakib Al Hasan has urged the students, who took to the streets for the 6th consecutive day on Friday over the death of their fellows Diya Khanam Mim and Abdul Karim Rajib in a road crash, to return to their respective educational institutions.


“I sincerely and humbly request all of you to return to your schools and focus on your studies,” Shakib said in a post made on his official Facebook page on Friday. 

He appreciated the movement, expressed deep shock and sympathy at the death of Mim and Rajib and vowed to stay with students if their demands are not fulfilled, saying the movement has already entered the history.


“I’m currently in Florida with the rest of the National Men’s Cricket Squad. I want to say a few things to my young fans and followers in this important moment we are witnessing now,” Shakib said.


He further said, “I was deeply saddened to hear the heartbreaking news of two young school students’ death in a needless road accident on Airport road. But when I saw that their fellow schoolmates and children from schools all over the country immediately raised their voices as one voice to protest and ask the government to bring the offenders to justice and for safer road, I immediately became really proud of them as an aware citizen of Bangladesh. Had I been in the country, I would definitely have asked for your autographs.”

Congratulating the students for raising awareness and showing all the way forward, the renowned all-rounder said, “I want to inform you that your demands are being met. Honourable Prime Minister has already provided funds to the affected families in addition to sincerely reforming laws for safer roads and transport. In the meantime the route permit of the bus company (two buses) has been cancelled and five perpetrators related to the offence have been arrested.”


At this moment, I sincerely and humbly request all of you to return to your schools and focus on your studies. You have shown us the way and achieved history already! This movement will be fully successful only when you return safely to your families and studies,” he said.


However, the post is not on his wall right now. The Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.

In a new massege Shakib wrote: “Dear fans and followers, some of you seem to have misunderstood my message to you all. Please know that I’m with you all and let’s try to give your movement shape by allowing our government to meet your demands asap. Please remember I have a young daughter, a sister, a wife and parents like many of you.”


Love, Shakib

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