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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to have enormous storage

Published on: 4:00 pm - Tuesday | August 7, 2018

In yet another leak, Samsung New Zealand has revealed the official promo video of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to YouTube which confirms that the upcoming flagship will have massive storage.


Approximately halfway through the 30-second ad, Samsung touts the Galaxy Note 9 as being “1TB Ready with expandable memory” and then shows a 512GB microSD card going into the smartphone, the Forbes reported on Sunday. 

“This is not only a massive and class-leading amount (iPhones top out at 256GB), but it is also a massive U-turn from Samsung which has previously shipped its phones with minimal internal memory and relied upon microSD cards for a bigger boost,” the report added.


According to last week’s leak, the upcoming device will have 3.5-mm headphone jack.


The South Korean smartphone major showcased teaser videos for the upcoming device-highlighting improved performances in terms of battery, storage capacity and speed. 

Under the title “A lot can change in a day,” the company advertised the showcase event slated for August 9 through three different video clips, each depicting everyday problems people face while using smartphones.


Industry watchers expect the new Galaxy Note 9 to come with 4,000mAh battery and 512 GB data storage capacity, along with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810 chipsets.


Source: IANS

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