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Govt makes progress in bringing back Bangandhu’s fugitive killers

Published on: 7:48 pm - Monday | August 13, 2018

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq said here today the government made progress in bringing back fugitive convicted killers of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“I can tell you that we have made progress, but can’t tell you the exact nature of that. If I reveal that the progress will be hampered and we will face problem in future,” Huq, who is also heading a government taskforce to bring the killers back, told BSS in an exclusive interview.

“Look we have clear information about two (A M Rashed Chowdhury and Noor Chowdhury) and taking aggressive steps to bring them back. We are taking legal steps in a way so that we can cross the legal barriers set by their host countries and bring them back here,” the minister added.

The law minister said the past governments headed by Ziaur Rahman, HM Ershad and Khaleda Zia patronized them so deeply that no matter wherever the killers are right now, have made a strong ground there.

“We are facing much difficulty even unearthing the relevant documents. Like Rashed Chowdhury, he has filed cases in the country (the US) to stay there. We had opposed him legally during 1996-2001 tenure. We brought the matter to US government’s attention, told them about these. But when the government changed in 2001, BNP government again patronized them, helped him to remain there,” Anisul said.

The law minister, who is also a senior lawyer of the country, said the killers in this way made much progress in their cause and the Bangladesh government backtracked.

“Now we are again obstructing them legally. We are taking both legal and diplomatic steps to bring them back. We are facing legal obstacles in bringing Noor Chowdhury back from Canada as that government doesn’t support death sentence. We are taking every step which is needed to cross this obstacle,” he further said.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Kamal earlier told BSS that the government has appointed an internationally reputed lawyer to bring back the six fugitive convicted killers of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“We have recently appointed a globally famous lawyer to pave the way for bringing back six convicted fugitive killers of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,” Khan said.

The minister, however, did not disclose the name of the lawyer.

He said the Home Ministry has recently forwarded a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make effective diplomatic efforts alongside the legal ones to bring back the convicted killers.

Two law firms have already been engaged by the government in the USA and Canada for bringing back home the fugitive convicted killers Col (dismissed) Khandker Abdur Rashid and Major (Retd) Noor Chowdhury respectively.

Efforts are also on to get back one of the self-confessed killers Risaldar Muslemuddin, who is believed to be in India now.

The authorities, however, are not yet confirmed about the whereabouts of three other fugitive killers Lt Col (relieved) Shariful Haque Dalim, and Captain Abdul Majed but unconfirmed sources claimed that Shariful Haque Dalim and Abdul Majed might have been hiding in Zimbabwe or Libya and Senegal respectively.

Earlier on November 19, 2009, the Supreme Court upheld a High Court verdict, confirming capital punishment for 12 people, including the six, for killing Father of the Nation and most of his family members on the dreadful night of August 15, 1975.

Five other convicts in the case – Syed Farooq Rahman, Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan, Bazlul Huda, AKM Mohiuddin Ahmed, and Mohiuddin Ahmed – were hanged on January 27, 2010.

Another killer, Aziz Pasha, died in Zimbabwe in 2001.



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