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Record local sacrificial animals supply in Rangpur

Published on: 6:21 pm - Saturday | August 18, 2018

A record number of locally-reared sacrificial animals has flooded cattle markets in Rangpur division as the sale got momentum from today just three days ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

Talking to BSS at different markets, cattle farm owners and farmers said they reared local animals despite increase in fodder price with a hope of getting better price this year if sacrificial animals were not imported from neighbouring countries.

Cattle traders said sale of sacrificial animals might increase further in next two days ahead of Eid when most of the buyers start purchasing sacrificial animal in abundance.

The buyers said to have preferred local healthy middle-sized cattle as sacrificial animals than the artificially fattened and huge-sized ones.

Divisional Deputy Director at Department of Livestock Dr Sheikh Azizur Rahman said 54,021 cattle farms and many farmers have produced over 13.76-lakh sacrificial animals against the demand of around 12-lakh in all eight districts of Rangpur division this season.

The cattle farms and farmers have produced over 8.92-lakh bullocks, cows, oxen, claves and buffalos and 4.82-lakh goats and sheep with 1.76-lakh surplus to meet the growing demand, he added.

District Livestock Officer Dr Mahbub Alam said around 1.81-lakh sacrificial animals, including 1.40-lakh cows, against demand of 1.20-lakh have been produced with surplus of 61,000 animals in Rangpur district alone.

Cattle trader Amirul Haque at Lalbag Cattle Market here said price of sacrificial animals is comparatively higher despite record supply of locally-reared healthier cattle-heads.

“Bullocks, calves and cows are being sold between Taka 10,000 to 25,000 on an average depending on size and quality than last year,” said another cattle trader Osman Ali at Lalbag Cattle Market.

Cattle trader Shamsu Mian said, “Price of bullocks and cows marked rise this time due to increase in fodder price in comparison with last year’s price.”

However, cattle farmer Solaiman Ali at Mominpur Cattle Market in Rangpur expressed his happiness after selling his middle-sized bullock at Taka 60,000 saying that price of middle-sized cows was satisfactory.

Another farmer Rahman Ali sold his middle-sized bull at Taka 55,000 against his expectation of Taka 65,000 and Manik Mian sold his bull at Taka 45,000 against his expectation of Taka 55,000 at Lalbag Cattle Market in Rangpur today.

Prices of goats are higher this time than last year and the big goats are being sold at Taka 20,000 to 30,000, medium-sized at Taka 15,000 to 19,000 while a small one at Taka 8,500 to 12,000 at different markets in Rangpur and other areas in the division.

Meanwhile, cattle traders expressed satisfaction over installing currency screening machines, taking adequate security measures and patrols round the clock in ensuring smooth trading and carrying cattle on the roads and highways.



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