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Tight security taken to make Eid celebration peaceful

Published on: 4:47 pm - Monday | August 20, 2018

Law enforcers have taken tight security measures across the country ahead of Eid-ul-Azha to be celebrated on Wednesday.

“We have taken all possible measures to ensure security for peaceful celebration of the Eid,” said Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Mohammad Javed Patwary.

Asked about any threat ahead of the Eid, he said, “We have no such information. But, security measures have been taken across the country, especially in the Eidgahs and cattle markets keeping every possible threat in the mind.”

The law enforcers have planned special security measures at the Eidgahs, especially in the divisional cities of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi and Rangpur, he added.

Against the backdrop of 2016’s militant attack, the government has taken special security measures at the country’s largest Eidgah in Sholakia,

For a smooth and jubilant Eid celebration, RAB, police and different intelligence agencies, both in uniform and plain clothes are active at different strategic points in the cities, including bus terminals, railway station, river-ports, launch and ferry ghats, to prevent any untoward situation.

They are also monitoring buses, launches, trains, auto-rickshaws, cars, microbuses and other vehicles at all the strategic intersections in the big cities and its adjoining districts to prevent crimes.

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) along with highway police are monitoring the situation on highways for safe and sound journey of homebound people.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police has taken area-wise security measures with deployment of additional forces.

The security measures were taken two days before Eid, which will remain effective until the capital returns to its normalcy after the festival.

Law enforcers in large numbers are also working to curb snatching, toll collection, the dope gang and other crimes.

Several mobile teams are patrolling the big cities and vulnerable areas to maintain law and order. Law enforcers particularly RAB are monitoring on the highways for safe and sound journey of homebound people.

To make the security foolproof check posts have already been set up at different strategic points across the country, which are now being monitored by the law enforcers round the clock.

All officers-in-charge (OCs) of the police stations across the country have already been instructed to remain vigilant in the areas under their purview to restrict suspected criminals and their activities.



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