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Khaleda’s movement ultimatum is anarchy in disguise: Inu

Published on: 9:28 pm - Sunday | August 26, 2018

Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu, MP, said today that Khaleda Zia was no archangel or “mother of democracy” rather she was the true breeder of militants and terrorists.

The warning of movement is really a thinly veiled way of saying that they
will create anarchy. The intimidation is one of arson by fire; of electoral
subversion and genesis of a political catastrophe. People of the country must
unite for liberty from this tyranny of the bully.

The minister was speaking to media persons at a post-Eid meeting at his
secretariat office.

Inu said BNP was lying about Khaleda Zia. They are trying to hide her
countless misdeeds and depict her as a saint. “It is not true,” he said “and
they will not succeed in their mission”, he added. Saying that even during
the Eid holidays, BNP did not let pass an opportunity to demand the release
of Khaleda Zia and to make cynical remarks about the 21st August grenade

“BNP creates noise every time there is an election around or when major
crimes are up for trial or criminals are convicted. They opposed the trial of
war criminals. They also opposed the trial of the killers of Bangabandhu and
those behind the arson by fire. Now they don’t want the trial of the 21st
August attackers,” he said.

Inu said “the whole point of this racket is to hide their transgressions
and appellate them as guardian angels and retain them in their current
positions as the pearl of their eyes. It is an awful tradition inculcated by

“Creating pandemonium in court during proceedings tantamount to contempt
of court,” he said.

Hasanul Haq Inu said that the demand by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for
the trial and maximum punishment for those involved in the 21st August
grenade attack was not an interference in judicial matters. Citing analogy,
he said that the whole country was up in arms demanding the same for the war criminals.

“Rather creating mayhem inside the court on behalf of convicted criminals
implied a denial of the judicial process and challenging its authority,” he

The minister extended his Eid felicitations to all and said travel to and
fro during the current festivities was hassle-free.

“The congregations were peaceful. The government of Sheikh Hasina
protected the Eid congregations from possible militant attacks, successfully,” he said.



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