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ICCB calls Rohingya crisis “worst manmade disaster”

Published on: 9:30 pm - Sunday | August 26, 2018

The International Chamber of Commerce- Bangladesh (ICCB) has described the Rohingya crisis as the worst manmade disaster, saying that it has created a multidimensional problem for Bangladesh.

“As of February 2018, the United Nations estimates that almost one million
Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar’s violent campaign of ethnic cleansing.
Bangladesh had no option but to give shelter to Rohingyas by opening its
border,” according to an editorial of ICCB news bulletin, titled “Rohingya
crisis: the worst manmade disaster”.

The ICCB said the vast majority of Rohingya people are women and children
including newborn babies and elderly people requiring additional aid and

“The influx of Rohingya refugees has created pressure on economy and
overall security of Bangladesh. This has also adverse impact on the
environment and climate of Bangladesh,” it said.

ICCB said six thousand acres of land have already been deforested by the
Rohingya camps. According to estimate the total value of 6,000 acres of
deforested land in the Rohingya camps is equivalent to Taka 741.31 crore or
USD 86.67 million, the bulletin added.

In January, ICCB said, the Myanmar government signed a repatriation
agreement with Bangladesh, which continues to host the communities. “But not a single Rohingya refugee has returned under the formal framework agreed with Bangladesh. Moreover, many of those who have returned home have been detained, the business body added.

Between January and April this year, ICCB said, 58 Rohingyas who returned
were arrested and convicted on unspecified charges. “They then received a
Presidential pardon, but have simply been transferred from Buthidaung prison (in northern Rakhine province) to a so-called ‘reception centre’. So, more Rohingyas continue to seek shelter in Bangladesh,” it said.

The ICCB said for hosting Rohingyas, the economy and environment of
Bangladesh have been affected adversely. “Bangladesh deserves all the support and solidarity from the international community to face the crisis,” the body added.

The international chamber organization said though Bangladesh has been
receiving sympathies for hosting the Rohingyas from different quarters
including the United States, European Union and the United Nations,
unfortunately no tangible progress on repatriation of these distressed
Rohingyas has so far been made.

“It is, therefore imperative on the part of world leaders to put their foot
down and force Myanmar in rehabilitating Rohingyas without any wastage of
time and provide them full citizenship and grant them civil liberties,” the
business body said.


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