Monday, 22 April, 2019

Afghan forces kill 15 militants in northern Faryab

Published on: 9:08 pm - Wednesday | September 12, 2018

Up to 15 militants have been killed as the government forces launched cleanup operations in Pashton Kot and Shirin Tagab districts of the northern Faryab province over the past 24 hours, police spokesman in the province, Abdul Karim Yurash said Wednesday.

The mop up, according to the official, launched Tuesday and so far, eight
militants have been killed in Pashton Kot district and seven more militants
killed in Shirin Tagab district.

A total of 13 militants and three security personnel have been injured and
another security man is missing, the official added.

Taliban militants who have engaged government forces in several fronts
have yet to make comments.

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