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Pori Moni as a crime reporter

Published on: 3:40 pm - Monday | November 12, 2018

After her praiseworthy portrayal in Gias Uddin Selim’s ‘Swapnajal’, popular actress Pori Moni, who played a lead role in this film, has started considering herself as an actress. She thinks all credit goes to Selim.
As a result, whenever she gets any proposal from Selim for working in his project, Pori Moni never looks for the answer to why she has been offered for it. She is extremely pleased to work in Selim’s direction. Young Pori Moni has said all these things while revealing her involvement in yet another project under the direction of talented filmmaker Selim.
This time around, Pori Moni is working in a short film titled ‘Preeti’ under the direction of Selim. DhakaLive has news that the shooting of the project has started from Friday in Uttara of the capital. Pori Moni is playing the titular role, a crime reporter in the short film.
Selim said about the role of Pori Moni, ‘Preeti’ is a crime reporter. But she cannot publish reports on all crime of the society as she is a girl. But she doesn’t give up, rather she moves forward with her strong will.When asked about could she fit well in the character, Pori Moni said, “This is not much easy. Because I am not Preeti and I never was. Even Preeti is also not like me. But the viewers would find ‘Preeti’ in me.”
However, the shooting of ‘Preeti’ is likely to conclude today. The 30-minute short film will be released on the digital platform Bioscope very soon, director Selim informed.
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