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Ranveer –Deepika wedding: All you need to know about the customs and rituals

Published on: 10:00 pm - Wednesday | November 14, 2018

After sharing a wonder relationship on and off screen for six long years, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are in Lake Como for a grand Sindhi-Konkani wedding on November 14 and 15. They have already reached the wedding venue with their families.


The grand ceremony shall take place at Lake Como in Northern Italy. The countdown for the wedding has begun as the couple kick-started their pre-wedding functions at Villa del Balbianello. After the couple was spotted at the airport in all-white while leaving for the wedding amid dhol beats, the guests have also reached Italy to join the two lovebirds in the celebrations.


Pre- wedding rituals


Kacchi Misri: It is the first formal meeting between the bride and groom’s family after the wedding has been fixed.


Pakki Misri: This is the formal engagement ceremony.


Dev Bithana: Dev Bithana is a ritual which takes place at both the bride’s and the groom’s houses. After this ceremony, the bride and the groom cannot leave their homes until the wedding day.


Lada: Like in Punjabis there is the sangeet ceremony, here it is called the Lada.


Tih: According to this ritual, the priest from the bride’s side visits the groom’s house carrying with him a bag of rice, sugar, spices, 21 sweets, a coconut, 9 dates and a ball of green silk yarn. He also carries with him the auspicious time when the wedding is supposed to take place.


He then conducts a Ganesh puja at the groom’s house with all the items he has brought and then puts the paper on the groom’s lap.


Other rituals which take place are Wanwas, Mehendi, Jenya, Saagri and Ghari Puja.


Wedding day rituals


On the wedding day, various rituals such as Haldi, Garo Dhaago, Baraat, Jaimala, Palli Pallo, Hathialo, Kanyadaan, Phere and Saptapadi are held.