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Convicted can’t contest polls: AD upholds chamber judge court’s stay

Published on: 10:20 pm - Sunday | December 2, 2018


The Appellate Division (AD) of the Supreme Court today upheld its chamber judge’s order that halted a High Court order staying conviction and sentence of Jashore-2 BNP candidate Sabira Sultana.

“Stay to continue,” said an Appellate Division full bench headed by Chief
Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain.

“The Appellate Division upheld Chamber Judge Court’s order too that halted
High Court order staying Sabira Sultana’s conviction and sentence. Because of
the apex court’s order, Sabira will no longer be able to contest in 11th
national parliament polls,” Anti-Corruption Counsel (ACC) counsel Khurshid
Alam Khan told BSS.

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam, aided by additional attorney generals Murad
Reza and Momtaz Uddin Fakir, took part in the hearing for the state, while
advocates Khurshid Alam Khan and ABM Bayezid stood for the ACC. Senior lawyer
AJ Mohammad Ali and M Aminul Islam moved the case for Sabira Sultana.

“Following today’s order, people sentenced to more than two years will also
not be able to take part in the polls,” Attorney General Mahbubey Alam said.

A Dhaka court on July 12, 2018, sentenced Sabira Sultana, currently the
chairman of Jashore’s Jhikargacha upazila, to total six years imprisonment in
a case lodged over amassing illegal wealth and concealing information on

The High Court after holding hearing on her plea on November 29 stayed
Sabira’s sentence, paving way for contesting in the upcoming general
election. The Appellate Division Chamber Judge, however, stayed that High
Court order yesterday.