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Google celebrates Bangladesh Independence Day

Published on: 8:00 pm - Tuesday | March 26, 2019

Leading internet search engine Google overnight redesigned its home page coinciding with Bangladesh’s Independence and National Day, hosting temporarily a special doodle depicting the riverine country’s traditional boats.

Commemorating the country’s declaration of independence from Pakistan in
1971, the doodle features three goods-laden boats in a river in its upper
portion while the lower portion represents Bangladesh’s national flag by
presenting goggle’s background in red-green colour.

“Today’s Doodle celebrates Independence Day in Bangladesh, the South Asian
nation situated on the Bay of Bengal and a deltaic nation with almost 700
rivers flowing through it!” the Google said for putting the special doodle.

On this day in 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, often titled Bangabandhu
(which translates to “friend of Bengal”), signed a declaration that made the
former East Pakistan the sovereign and independent country of Bangladesh with
its own unique language and culture, it said, adding this founding document
followed Bangabandhu’s historic speech, delivered on March 7.

The US multinational technology company also said that a public holiday in
Bangladesh, Independence Day is commemorated with parades, fairs, and
concerts as well as patriotic speeches.

A festive spirit fills the capital city of Dhaka, where the Bangladesh
flag flies proudly, and many government buildings are lit up with the
national colors: green and red, the search engine continued.

The green symbolizes Bangladesh’s abundant flora and the potential of the
nation’s youth while the red circle in the middle of the flag represents the
sun rising over the relatively new and developing country, the Google said.

“Joy Bangla!” the doodle concludes with the slogan.

Google, for the first time in its history, posted a special doodle for
Bangladesh on its 43rd Independence Day in 2013.

It also posted special doodles for some occasions of the country,
including the Begum Rokeya Day and the birthday of the eminent writer Humayun