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Govt took controlling aedes, dengue as challenge: LGRD Minister

Published on: 12:34 am - Sunday | July 28, 2019


The government is standing beside people affected by dengue and floods, Local Government Minister Md Tajul Islam said on Saturday. “We’ve taken controlling aedes mosquitoes and dengue as a challenge,” he told reporters after inaugurating the 52nd Annual Planning Ceremony of Rural Development Academy (RDA) in Kotbari.

This year, the dengue situation has been grim. Figures released by the government on Saturday showed that there had been 10,528 confirmed dengue cases across Bangladesh since January. Currently, 2,671 patients are being treated at hospitals.

The official death toll is eight although many argue that the number is higher. In the afternoon, Jahangirnagar University student Ukino Nushang, 19, died of dengue in Cox’s Bazar.

Most of the dengue cases have been reported from Dhaka. Minister Islam said the mayors of Dhaka city corporations and the authorities concerned have been working to mitigate the rate of dengue infection.  A countrywide mosquito elimination week is being observed at the directive of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Tajul reminded that aedes mosquitoes breed in still water on rooftops, flower pots, bathroom, and other places in the house yard.  “We have to clear this water. Aedes mosquitoes cannot breed if the people become more aware,” he said.

The minister said 303 people have been killed by dengue in the Philippines this year. Last week, the Philippine Department of Health issued a national alert after 456 deaths from dengue since the beginning of the year.

Around 40,000 people in Thailand, 26,000 in Malaysia, 13,000 in Singapore and 15,000 to 20,000 in India have been infected by dengue this year, the minister informed. (UNB)