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Shironamhin to release new album next year

Published on: 11:43 pm - Sunday | September 1, 2019


Popular band Shironamhin will release a new album in the beginning of next year. The news was confirmed by founding band member Ziaur Rahman Zia.

Ever since the departure of vocalist Tanzir Tuhin in October 2017, Shironamhin had not released a new album. However, they have released five singles with their current vocalist Sheikh Ishtiaque. This album will be his first with Shironamhin.

Ziaur told reporters: “We have released five songs so far. We will probably make four or three more songs. Afterwards, we will release an album with these songs. We actually wanted to release the album by the end of this year. Since that will not happen, we will release it in the beginning of next year.”

The songs that have been finalized for the album are Jadukor, Ei Obelay, Barud Shomudro, Bohemian, and E Raat E.

The current lineup of Shironamhin has Ziaur on bass, Kazi Shafin Ahmad on drums, Diat Khan on guitar, Rashel Kabir on keyboard and Sheikh Ishtiaque on vocals.