Saturday, 04 July, 2020

Growth story of Bangladesh stronger since Sheikh Hasinacame to power in 1996: Salman F Rahman

Published on: 4:10 pm - Wednesday | January 15, 2020


“Today is the best day for Bangladesh. On this day, we achieved victory. But after 1975, Bangladesh went far behind from development and, from 1996, we were starting slowly to move back to the good times,” said Salman F Rahman, Private Industry and Investment Adviser to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, while speaking as the chief guest at a program organized on the occasion of Victory Day at the Nawabganj Government Primary School in NawabganjUpazila of Dhaka.

Owing to the efficient government policies and initiatives, Bangladesh has managed to securethe top rank globally in terms of real GDP growth. Furthermore, as per the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country’s economic growth is expected to be about 7.6% this fiscal year, highest in the South-Asian region.

This economic stability and rise in the country has been more steady and uniform ever since Sheikh Hasinacameto power for the first time in 1996. When the Awami League re-assumed power a decade ago, the country was grappling with power outages. To resolve the matter, the government, under the prudent leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina allowedthe private companies to build small-range power plants. This is one of the many instances, which have facilitated a wave of active public-private partnership (PPP), leading to a more holistic and inclusive development in the country.

Salman F Rahman asserted that the country has become a role model of development, all due to the dynamic Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He further stated that if the ongoing development work were to continue under the leadership of the PM, Bangladesh would become a developed country by 2040.

Earlier, in remembrance of the sheer sacrifice of millions of people, including that of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman during the Great Liberation War, Salman paid homage to the martyrs at the altars of the Nawabganj and DoharUpazilaadministration.

During the latter part of the event, Salman F Rahman, who is the MP from Dhaka-1 (Dohar-Nawabganj) constituencysaid that the efforts were on to make Dohar and Nawabganj model Upazilas. This is a follow-up of the promise made by the MP during the election campaign held in 2018. To tackle regional disparities, the proposal for the development of economic zones in Dohar-Nawabganjhas already been approved by the Awami League government.

The bold and pragmatic approach of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has infused a sense of confidence in the national psyche. The Padma Bridge, which the Awami League government decided to self-fund after the World Bank’s withdrawal, is perhaps a testament to that.