Thursday, 21 January, 2021

Govt hospitals have 500 ventilators in stock: Health Minister

Published on: 8:23 pm - Sunday | March 29, 2020


Health Minister Zahid Maleque on Sunday informed that the government hospitals have 500 medical ventilators while the privates ones have 700 to tackle the coronavirus situation.

“Besides, three lakh sets personal protective equipment (PPE) have been distributed to different hospitals. We get20,000-30,000 sets daily and some five lakh sets more will arrive here in April,” said the minister after joining an online press briefing of the IEDCR.

He also said that the situation in Bangladesh is good as preparations have been taken long ago.

The world Health Organisaion has given us some guidline to tackle the situations. Some 3,000 beds have been kept ready in some Dhaka hospitals, Maleque added. Replying to a question, the minister said that he was in good health and have tested negative for coronavirus.

The minister further said official leaves might be extended depending on the situation.

The Health Minister said, “Our leave ends on April 4. We, including the Prime Minister, will observe whether the situation in our country and the world becomes fairly tolerant within these 10 days. Then, we’ll advise the Prime Minister to act on the situation.”

The minister expressed satisfaction as the number of infected people did not increase.

“It’s a matter of great pleasure indeed to know that no new patient was infected yesterday. Even today we haven’t received any news of any new patient or death. It’s a great joy for the people of our country,” he said.

About the testing facility of the coronavirus infection, the minister said it is not possible to test the entire population and those who have the symptoms of the disease are being tested.

“There’re 16 crore people in our country…It’s not possible to test so many people. This is not possible in countries like the USA and not even in the countries of Europe. Only those who’ve symptoms are being tested. That’s how we’re working,” he said.

Referring to the initiative of Akij Group, the minister said people need to be more tolerant.

“We’ll use the hospital that the Akij Group wants to build if necessary. If not, we won’t. But this is a good initiative. We’ll keep those with mild symptoms in the hospital, if necessary. In this case, people have to be tolerant,” he said.

He also urged everyone to stop spreading misinformation and there are sufficient ventilators in stock.

“Many say we’ve just 29 ventilators. That’s not correct. We still have around 500 ventilators…. 300 more are coming. I think no news should be served to confuse people. Now our job is to work together for everyone. That’s what we’re doing now. Because, we’ve the whole country with us. My advice would be to follow the rules given by the Department of Health. – (Observerbd)