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ACC prosecutes UP member for misuse of power

Published on: 6:29 pm - Tuesday | April 14, 2020


Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Tuesday filed a case against Union Parishad member Sekendar Mia who reportedly took money for issuing registration cards under a government food programme.

Assistant Director of ACC Abdul Wadud Sarkar filed the case at Dhaka integrated office of ACC-1 on April 13, said ACC Public Relations Officer Pranab Kumar Bhattacharjee.

Mia is an elected member of Nayanashri union of Nababganj Upazila of Dhaka district, reports UNB.

According to case statement, the accused misused his power and distributed the cards in exchange for money.

ACC Chairman Iqbal Mahmood said, “Such legal activities will be continued. Activities including monitoring, preparation and distribution of relief are being monitored.”