Sunday, 12 July, 2020

Momotaz’s ‘companions’ are kite and football

Published on: 8:10 pm - Wednesday | June 24, 2020



Veteran folk singer and Member of Parliament Momotaz’s other companions are now kite and football. Coronavirus ended a long home quarantine and she returned to the green leaving the reins of a concrete city made of bricks and cement.

The popular singer has gone to Singair in her constituency Manikganj to play football with children and fly kites.

Momotaz lives in Mohakhali DOHS in the capital. She got released from a home quarantine that was imposed due to coronavirus. Momotaz’s children also wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So last Thursday, Momotaz moved to her village home and parliamentary constituency of Singair in Manikganj. There she plays football and flies kites.

In this regard, Momotaz said, “No matter how many opportunities there are in a closed place, there will be instability after a while. Everyone at home has become restless.

Since there is an open space in the village, I thought, my kids will be fine in this open space. Otherwise, they will be more upset mentally. So, I came to the village and am playing football with everyone and flying kites. I have a nursery next to my house and I have planted fruit trees there.”