Thursday, 28 January, 2021

Diti’s last film to reach censor

Published on: 8:22 pm - Thursday | June 25, 2020




Four years after her death, the film ‘A Desh Tomar Amar’ starring actress Diti is finally going to censor. The film, directed by FI Manik, will be censored next week, the director said.

He said, “It’s been four years since Diti died. She has acted in my film ‘A Desh Tomar Amar’. It has not been possible to finish the film for various reasons. This time it is being prepared for submission to the censor board.

I plan to submit the film to the censor next week.”

About four and a half years after Diti’s death, the director said that the reason for submitting the film to the censor board was that he had finished shooting the film a few months before Diti’s death.

The film was shot in 35 millimeters and now it has been digitized. Dipjol has acted in the film with Diti. She was ill in the middle and it was too late to finish the work.

Diti died on March 20, 2016. Before that, Diti joined the film industry in 1984. Her first film was ‘Dak Diye Jai’ directed by Udayan Chowdhury.

But the film was not released in the end. The first released film starring Diti is ‘Amii Ustad’. Since then, Diti has acted in more than two hundred films. She won the National Film Award for her performance in Subhash Dutt’s ‘Shami Stri’.