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Fitness key to fight against Covid-19

Published on: 8:51 pm - Monday | June 29, 2020


Tunzida Yousuf Chhonda, CEO of Cfitz, Ladies fitness studio. She is one of the leading Personal Trainers of Dhaka City believes in living a holistic life, one where nutrition and physical health are none but the same in order to guarantee a good, long, healthy lifestyle. Her focus in life has always been to empower women and men to live their best life; by striving hard to eat better, and physically train their bodies and be mindful about their lifestyle. After completing her H. S. C. she started her career by joining as a Trainer at Techno Fitness in Chittagong, where she trained women. Shortly after, she was recruited by The Pan Pacific Hotel in Dhaka, where she received some professional training and was chosen amongst many, to receive training in Yoga and Aerobics in Kolkata, India. She has trained under renowned fitness gurus like Sima Lohani, Aftab ul Azam to name a few in Bangladesh, as well as N Micky Mehta of India. Now Chhonda is an entrepreneur she was always meant to be. She is a Personal Trainer by day and has recently opened her own Fitness Studio, Cfitz, in Bashundhara Residential Area where she trains women in groups and hosts one on one session in the evening.

Fitness key to fight against Covid-19

Fitness key to fight against Covid-19

Chhonda believes fitness is key for women to counter the Coronavirus pandemic which created mayhem in the whole world.

“These are dire and trying times.  We need to be aware, prepared and face the pandemic and all its consequences.  There are no guarantees who COVID 19 will spare and who it will not.  So, we have to think as if everyone is in danger and it may affect anyone at any time, and hence we have to take the necessary precautions; both physically and mentally.  My approach to women’s fitness is a holistic one, it is a combination of regular exercising, balanced and proportionate meals and mental wellbeing,” she

“The body is one single machine, all its parts are connected to one another.  So our approach to keeping well, has to incorporate both our physical and mental wellbeing.  We need to have a very balanced diet that helps us stay fit, not gain any excess weight, and boosts our immune system as well.  It is easier said than done of course, because we all have a tendency to overeat when we are sitting at home, bored and under lockdown.  Therefore, it is very important to stay motivated, and health conscious during this time; and it is especially important to keep our immune system ready and fortified,” she added.

She went on to say: “I have been emphasizing on women’s fitness my entire career, on all media and social media platforms.  I recommend all my clients to workout at least three to four times a week, whether it is as simple as walking around the house or the roof, or doing free hand exercise, or watching and following a workout video online, at one’s own pace.  That, combined with a diet of no more than 800-1000 calories, well balanced and proportioned meals rich in protein,vitamin C and D, zinc, ginger infused tea and Nigella seeds, along with supplements, for the extra boost to the immune system.”

Women fitness is the key to both mental and physical wellbeing, she said.

Fitness key to fight against Covid-19

Fitness key to fight against Covid-19

“This is why my clients join me online for my signature Total Body Workout for one hour, three to four times a week.  This helps the blood to flow, get the heart rate going and activate the lunge with deep breathing and to up their intake of water.  This is a holistic approach to staying fit as well as boosting up the immune system, as a precaution from getting weak or sick.  I help them stay motivated and not give into idleness.”

Staying motivated is crucial at this point in time.  Due to the pandemic and being under lockdown, it is very difficult to stay motivated.  Good and healthy eating paired with regular exercise, helps to stay motivated, confident and also keeps depression at bay.  Another way to stay motivated is to be grateful that you and your family are healthy, happy and alive while so many others are not.  Watching motivational speech online is also very inspiring and can help.

One thing that is being seen all over the world is that the rate of depression is going up.  Even though people are physically well, they are getting mentally depressed; and this is due to being at home all day, being idle and not being able to get back to their normal lives.

Fitness key to fight against Covid-19

Fitness key to fight against Covid-19

“But we have to remember that this is a collected experience.  We are all on the same boat and we are all experiencing this together,” she said.

Battling depression is crucial, and since the human body is interconnected, staying physically fit will automatically help the endorphins in the body to circulate, and keep depression at bay.  Depression affects people differently.  For some, they tend to eat too much when depressed while for others, they tend to eat too little.  What is required at the moment, is to eat in moderation, simply put, one needs to eat healthy, eat more food that boosts up the immune system and eat well balanced meals.  This will definitely help battle depression, however, if it gets too unbearable for some, one should definitely seek the help of a counsellor or a therapist.

Women’s fitness starts with staying positive amidst all this, even though it is very difficult to do at this point in time.  However, the key thing here is to remember that the whole world and every single person in it, is experiencing this.  This is a collective experience and together we will overcome this pandemic, like we have with so many other pandemics in human history.  In order to get through these trying and dire times, we have to have faith in our Creator, in our doctors, in our bodies and in our minds, and we can hopefully achieve that with prayers, regular exercise and balanced, healthy diets.

Source: The Daily Observer