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Wardrobe for the rainy season

Published on: 9:26 pm - Sunday | August 9, 2020


In Bangladesh’s perspective, one has no other alternative to be extremely careful in choosing the wardrobe in rainy season. It is important to be trendy alongside picking the best dress that matches your personality in this season.

It is utmost difficult to walk in the city’s road during the rainy season because most of the road go under water due to the poor drainage system here. Moreover the road becomes muddy in light shower or drizzle. So choosing dress is important, otherwise one has to end up ruining his/her dress, what one surely won’t tolerate.

For Bangladeshi people, there is also vast option to choose the dress because here there is no lack of fashion house, who cares for you. As we’re all familiar with having to worry about coming to work looking drab because of the drizzle, we need proper dress. For office-goer it is more important than others, because he/she has to maintain his fashion alongside a proper dress for rainy season.

That said, we’ve come up with a capsule wardrobe you can either buy or draw inspiration from if you don’t know where to start! All you need are 20 fashion items. They are totally easy to mix and match, but the best part is that these lightweight pieces will allow you to layer even in a tropical country like ours!

The rainy season is sure to offer some much-needed respite from the summer heat, it might make it challenging for you to be on top of your style game.

Wardrobe for the rainy season

Wardrobe for the rainy season

During monsoon, looking chic comes at the risk of dirtying your clothing and footwear from stranded water and mud.

Hence, here are simple fashion tips for the monsoon season.

The weather may be gloomy, but your outfit doesn’t need to be the same! Play around with some fun and bright colours during the rainy weather! There may not be sunshine out in the open, so you could simply be the ray of sunshine everyone has been hoping to get  a glance of! Throw on some colourful tops and leggings and you’re good to go.

For women it is good to say goodbye to the whites and lights of summers, and welcome brighter shades such as neons and oranges in your wardrobe. Colors like sun yellow, pink and blue look cool during rains.

For men it is good to prefer darker shades like olive green, brown etc. for lowers and lighter ones for your uppers. Avoid light-colored jeans/trousers, as they get stained easily. Dressing styles also varies for men and women.

Women generally more fashion conscious than the men. Rompers, light material short dresses, denim/cotton capris and shorts, half-jumpsuits, knee-length skirts are some of the best picks for women in monsoon, to look trendy as well as to stay safe from the muddy waters.

Men usually go for comfortable attire. So the best pick for them is to go for thin and comfortable T-shirts in vibrant shades, and loose cotton shirts for monsoon-appropriate styling.

Source: the Daily Observer