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Kyrgyzstan rules out ‘suspect’ over Istanbul nightclub attack

Published on: 10:09 am - Wednesday | January 4, 2017

Kyrgyzstan has ruled out a suspect named in media reports in connection with the new year attack on an Istanbul nightclub that killed 39 people.
An image of a Kyrgyz passport purportedly belonging to the suspect circulated on social media.
But Kyrgyz authorities said they had questioned the man and that he had played no part in the attack, reports BBC.
Turkish media have run images of a suspect, saying they were given out by the police.
But the police have given no official details of the search for the suspect.
Turkish media have said the man police are investigating is from Central Asia and had rented a flat in the central city of Konya with a woman believed to be his wife and two children, who have been detained.
Some reports suggest police have gathered details of the man from calls he made on the mobile phone of the taxi driver who took him to the nightclub.
However, nothing has been officially confirmed as Turkish authorities have given no details.
The only official statements came from Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus, who said on Monday that authorities had fingerprints and a basic description of the suspect.
Twelve people were arrested on Monday and another two foreigners were detained at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport on Tuesday.
Late on Tuesday, Turkey’s parliament extended a state of emergency imposed following a failed military coup in July. It will now be in force until at least mid-April.
The Islamic State (IS) group has said one of its militants carried out the Istanbul attack and a huge manhunt is now underway to find him, with officials at airports and border crossings on high alert.
The gunman arrived at the club by taxi early on Sunday, before rushing through the entrance with a long-barrelled gun he had taken from the boot of the car.
The attacker fired randomly at people. About two-thirds of those killed were foreign, according to local media.
Victims by nationality
    Turkey: 11
    Saudi Arabia: 7
    Iraq: 3
    Lebanon: 3
    Jordan, India, Morocco: two nationals from each country
    Germany, Syria, Israel, France-Tunisia, Tunisia, Belgium, Kuwait, Canada, Russia: one national from each country
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