Saturday, 23 June, 2018

Israeli soldiers shoot dead ‘knife-wielding’ Palestinian

Published on: 2:52 pm - Tuesday | January 10, 2017

Israeli soldiers have reportedly shot dead a knife-wielding Palestinian allegedly threatening to attack them in the occupied West Bank.

It says Israeli forces were on an arrest raid in the Fara Refugee Camp Tuesday when the Palestinian charged toward them with a knife. The troops shot him after he ignored warnings to halt.

Palestinians said 32-year-old Mohammed al-Salhi was shot dead in his home.

Al-Salahi is thought to be a former Israeli prisoner who has spent three years in jail.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said explosives were also hurled at them when they raided the camp. No injuries were reported from the soldiers’ side.

Since September 2015, Palestinian attackers have killed 40 Israelis and two visiting Americans in mainly stabbing attacks. During that time, 231 Palestinians, mostly attackers, have been killed by Israeli fire.

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