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Pabna Hospital faces manifold problems: Lack of facilities for corona treatment

Published on: 11:01 am - Saturday | June 27, 2020


Pabna General Hospital has almost failed to provide proper healthcare services to patients as it is facing acute crisis of doctors, nurses and accommodation facilities.

According to hospital sources, there are only 32 doctors against 58 posts at the full-fledged hospital meant for 15 to 20 lakh people in Pabna district.

A total 100 general beds and 16 isolation beds for COVID19 patients are available at the hospital. But due to lack of sufficient doctors and nurses, it has become almost impossible to provide full treatment to patients.

On the other hand, most of the private clinics do not maintain the thumb rules of coronavirus prevention. A section of doctors visit their patients without maintaining social distance. Even, some of the doctors have become corona positive. A dreadful situation now prevails in the district.

Currently there are no senior consultants at cardiology, paediatric, surgery, anesthesia and medicine departments at Pabna General Hospital.

According to information of hospital, the posts of senior consultant at Orthopedic Department is lying vacant for six years, senior consultant Skin and Venereal Diseases  for two years, senior consultant for Pediatric for  three months, senior consultant of ENT for one year, junior cardiologist for 4 months, junior consultant of Medicine for 4 months, junior consultant of Skin and Venereal  disease for 5 years, resident surgeon for 6 months, resident medical officer for one year, radiologist for one year, medical officer (skin) for 18 months, medical officer of one post for five years have remained vacant, while three posts of assistant registrar for 2 years and Medical Officer-Unani for 3 months have remained vacant.

Rest of the senior doctors do not provide services properly to the hospital. Most of the junior and intern doctors have been providing services which are not sufficient for patients. Most of the senior doctors just come to the hospital to maintain their routine work. Even after signing the attendant register, they left the hospital and draw salaries every month. As a result, patients don’t get treatment facilities from the hospital at all.

A dreadful situation now prevails at the Emergency Department. Most of the junior doctors and interns, even some  office assistants have been providing treatment at the outdoor and emergency department.

Moreover, many outdoor patients alleged that although doctors stay idle in their rooms, patients wait in front of their rooms in long queue for hours.

Jamila Khatun, 40, who came to the hospital from Charghospur village under Sadar upazila on Monday,  said: “I have come here three hours ago but failed to meet the medical assistant though a number of medical representatives have already visited them.”

Another patient, who came with her daughter to the hospital, said after waiting for a few hours she was returning to home without  any treatment.


Romena Begum, 59, and Shefali Khatun, 45, who came from  Sujanagar with severe  respiratory  problems  and lower  abdominal  pain  respectively, alleged  that they didn’t receive proper treatment at the hospital because of non-availability of doctors.

“After suffering from fever for 10 days, I came at the hospital. But I didn’t get any chance for treatment as they are not doing their duty properly, juts after having their regular routine work, they are not staying at their rooms.”

Emergency patients, who come to the hospital in the afternoon or at night, are often deprived of medical care, said the sources.

It is also alleged that there is an X-ray machine at the Operation Theatre room and the operation theatre has not been working properly for the last three years for lack of senior surgeons.

When our correspondent talked to the assistant director Dr Md Abul Hossain, he said he requested the authorities to appoint  doctors, nurses and medical staff to fill the vacant posts.

He also said due to present COVID-19 pandemic, most of the doctors have become scared and are reluctant to move from one place to other. The doctor also said they could not run the hospital properly because of multifarious problems.

“We have sent several letters to the higher authorities seeking necessary steps to fill up vacant posts, but steps to resolve the crisis are yet to be taken,’ he said.