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Published on: 9:40 pm - Saturday | July 4, 2020


I am Fahim Ferdous (Rifat) mostly known as Chef Fahim and currently working at Sheraton Grand Sydney and a member of  �The Australian Culinary Federation�. I have completed my study and training on Culinary from TAFE Sydney. Apart from cooking my interest is in writing and reading. I, dream to recreate my Bangladeshi cuisine with modern twist to present it to world.

Buddha Bowl



Buddha Bowl is a representation of Buddha’s style of eating in a modern culinary style. This is a vegetarian Bowl which made by improvisation and customization based on what you have on hand and what are the combination of ingredients you like. This really represents idea of Buddhist monks carrying food bowl to fill vegetarian food whatever could be offered by Villagers.


Brown Rice, Quinoa, Faro, Chickpeas, Cashew nuts,Corns, Cherry Tomatoes, spinach, Mushroom, Brussels sprout, Carrots, Beetroot, kale, Avocado, Lime with Dried seaweed and sesame.

As the Main idea of this dish whatever you have and whatever you can choose. So, you can choose any ingredients and any quantity.

For lemon and herbs vinaigrett

u    Lemon Juice 3 tbsp

u    Oregano 1 tsp

u    Extra Virgin Olive Oil 9 tbsp

u    Just emulsify all the ingredients


In a Bowl first place Rice and Spinach and followed by all the reaming ingredients. On the top drizzle a bit lemon and Herbs Vinaigrette according to your taste




Honey Glazed Duck


Duck Breast 1

Honey 1 tsp

Fennel 1tsp (roasted)

Pistachio 1 tsp

Pumpkin � IBs

Milk � IBs

Butter 5 tbsp

Carrot 1 pcs

Salt to Taste


  1. Duck Breast: To star with first pre heat oven at 200. Score duck breast and season well. To start with in a cold pan in medium heat render duck breast. When skin side get colour and crisp, take it out from pan, followed by brush honey, add sprinkle of fennel and crushed pistachio. Now, place the duck breast in a pre-heated oven for 6-8 min to cook it medium rare. Suggested doneness is Medium rare to Medium.
  2. Pumpkin Puree: Diced pumpkin in a medium size. Now in a pot add milk and Pumpkin and cook until Pumpkin get soft. Now strain pumpkin from milk and blend it to a smooth consistency. Adjust seasoning and to finish adding butter and mix it through.
  3. Poached Carrot : In a pot take water and boil it up to 80-degreeC. Now add carrot and gently poach for 2/3 minutes.