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Motorcycle: An economic, safer transport in Covid-19 time

Published on: 9:44 pm - Saturday | July 4, 2020


As the country tries to return to the normal life from the Covid-19 pandemic, the necessity of motorcycles looks pragmatic. This is because if you want to maintain social distance, you need a personal vehicle which will help you to reach your office, or workplace of any other place. Public transport obviously is not a good choice to maintain social distance. At the same time, most of the people in this country can’t afford a car. So a motorcycle looks better solution.

Due to the government sanctioned price hike of 60per cent on all public transportation fare in return for vehicles operating at less than full capacity, a report from a national daily of Bangladesh mentioned that the hike is being proven fatal to passengers and vehicle owners alike. Some people shared their views about transportation in this lockdown situation in the following passages:

Mr Rokan Ahmed, a private company employee said that, the public transportation services are being very unfair to its passengers. They are charging as much as 40 tk for tickets that were previously 7 taka. As per the 60per cent government approved increase rate on fare, it should have been no more than 12 taka.

Motorcycle: An economic, safer transport in Covid-19 time

Motorcycle: An economic, safer transport in Covid-19 time

Farhaza Shoma, a local private company employee shared that, “Since the lockdown has been lifted, I have been going to the office every day. To avoid risk of contamination from the virus, I have to avail a taxi to travel back and forth from work which is costing me a lot of money. But I have to spend this excess amount for my personal safety while travelling.” If we put anyone inher condition, lets say someone like her is going to Motijheel from Azimpur. The usual taxi People are concerned that, they need to rethink about transportation since the infection rate is rising faster, health regulations are being violated in regular transportation, and expenses are soaring above 60per cent and higher. People’s lives are at risk and are becoming harder to sustain under the pandemic situation.

There has also been news from the Parliament of UK about expanding planned trials of rental e-scooters to ease the travelling of its citizens. The British State of Transport department guided – “Private cars and other vehicles as an alternative to using public transport, and encourages the public to consider all other forms of transport before using public transport. This would include private vehicles such as motorcycles and mopeds where the journey to be made is appropriate.”

Farhan Kamal, motorcycle user said, “I used to travel by motorcycle from Bashundhara to Tejgaon every day. As my bike gives me around 45 kmpl mileage, Myavg. travel cost was only 40 taka per day for making two trips(back and forth). With other daily commuting to other places, in a month my total traveling expense goes below 1000 taka whereas when I used to travel by general transport, my daily expense breakdown can be 80 taka bus fare and other 40 taka for rickshaw, Total 120 taka per day. I have spent more money in taxi services while travelling with my wife; I have paid more than 4000 taka for monthly transportation. For the same distance motorcycle is economical, I saved more money per month. Besides, I can keep physical distance while traveling so there is no risk to be infected by close contact by other people.”

The long-term benefits of owning motorcycles far outweigh the initial cost of buying them because they are financially economical and offer great resale rates even after 10-12 years.