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Published on: 9:14 pm - Tuesday | July 21, 2020


Ishrat Haq Moon has a passion for cooking and amazing culinary skills. Her main goal is to spread her  recipes and skills to the next generation. At the same time she is planning to work with various organisations to help the transgender community in terms of cooking.

Ginger Lemon Chicken Soup

Ingredients:Baby Chicken stock 2 cup

Small pieces of chicken � cup

Ginger & garlic powder � tsp

Lemon full 1 piece

Small pieces of carrot 2 tsp

Small pieces of Asparagus Bean 2 tsp

Small pieces of ginger 1″ size

Salt Like quantity

Lemon grass & lemon leaf a little

Fish Sauce and Soya Sauce �  tsp

Tomato Sauce/Chili sauce �  tsp

Pepper powder �  tsp

Olive oil    1 tsp



First put olive oil in a pot and then give Ginger & garlic powder and fry lightly. Then give small pieces of chicken and cook lightly then again give carrot, asparagus Bean, small pieces of ginger Lemon grass, lemon leaf, and baby chicken stock and cook up to 10 minutes, then give all sauces then put it down from the stove  then add lemon juice, pepper powder and lemon slice and then serve it hot. This recipe prepared for Corona Patient that increase immunity.

Source : Daily Observer